Toursdays at The Jason Haig

Today's a thursday which means it is time for Toursdays at The Jason Haig! For our first feature we'll have a travel vlog from Lost LeBlanc! Wondering how you would spend your summer vacation? Watch the vlog in HD to learn more about the travel beauties we can go here in the Philippines! You can... Continue Reading →

Chewsday at The Jason Haig

Today's a CHEWSDAY so it's time for us to fill our bellies with food that is so tasty! So refreshing and so satisfying! Nowadays, there has been a huge gain in the demand for potato snacks! Are you a part of this phenomenon? Well I am! For today's guest at The Jason Haig, we have... Continue Reading →

The Jason Haig’s Weekly Program

Watch out for The Jason Haig's weekly program! Don't miss out! Like the The Jason Haig, watch the video, subscribe to my channel and share this post to your friends! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FEATURE MONDAYS (Monday) Start the week right with the appreciation of different artists! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CHEWSDAYS (Tuesday) Feeling hungry? Satisfy your cravings by knowing where... Continue Reading →

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