Not Even A Cyclone Can (Friyay! Snap of the Week!)


Let me tell you a story.

Sunday, April 23 I was playing at Alabang Country Club, for the Gender Bender Leg 2 League. It was scorching hot from morning until the afternoon. Our last game was postponed due to the fact that there were lightning strikes near the field. Everybody decided to go back to the tents and settle down until the game resume. But never did we know something terrifying was about to happen.

The rain and the wind were gradually getting stronger, to the point that the tents are starting to get uprooted.

Then a cyclone formed. The terrifying gust and whistling of the wind made everyone in panic. “Run! Run! Run!” Screams from all over the place were being uttered. Everyone’s running to safety. Luckily My Dad had parked our car near the tent we were staying at. We rushed to the car but then what we found was a broken side mirror and a dented door. Fortunate enough, a humongous tree branch passed over the car, then just fell right behind it. What could have happened if that tree branch would’ve hit the car. We would have no car and an injured dad.

The cyclone ended, everyone was safe with just a few minor injuries from fellow ultimate players. An experience that is terrifying yet full of learning that day was.

Couldn’t put all the details as I have a clouded head and just tried remembering all the things I’ve unconsciously observed. Thank You for keeping us safe ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ

And that’s it for our Friyay! Snap of the week! ย you would not need to know who took this photo, but if you still wanna know, i took this one, the day after it all happened.

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