Mikropono Series (Feature Mondays)

Had a terrifying experience yesterday as a cyclone formed on the field I was staying in. But hey, only a few cars were hit by debris (tree branches, water containers, stones, etc etc), few people hit by tents but fortunately no one was badly injured. If you were at Alabang Country Club yesterday you would have seen it too. Cheers to those who were there! We all survived! On that note…

We should be celebrating and for today we will have Marby Esteban​! A Broadcasting student of Malayan Colleges Laguna (official)​ and a painter who specializes in watercolor.

View all of these photos to see Ebe Dancel​, Johnoy Danao​, Marc Abaya​ and Sud Ballecer​ (Sud​) for the Mikropono Series by Marby Esteban!

Ebe Dancel
Ebe Dancel
Johnoy Danao
Johnoy Danao
Marc Abaya
Marc Abaya
Sud Ballecer
Sud Ballecer

Want to see more of Marby Esteban’s works? Visit her profile on:
Instagram: Marby Esteban

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See you tomorrow for Chewsday at The Jason Haig!

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