DaMon Adventures (Toursday At The Jason Haig)

Hey what’s up guys today is a thursday and that means it is time for TOURSDAY at The Jason Haig. Well yeah, I’ve been trying to find a lot of places to travel into and look what we got for today! Get your gears ready as we fly, ride and dive along with Daryl and Monesse‘s Adventure!

Watch the video (in HD) to see glimpses of beautiful places located at Pampanga, Siargao, Surigao Del Norte, and Surigao Del Sur! Explore different islands like Dako, Guyam, and Naked Island! What are you guys waiting for, tell your friends, grab your travel gear and secure your wallets to start planning a trip around the philippines! Make sure you visit these places! Time to unleash that summer vibe!

Got some travel videos you want to share? Send me a message!

#Pampanga, #Surigao, #Siargao, #DaMonAdventures, #Travel, #TravelthePhilippines

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